Photography Workshop

2017 Photography Workshop


Lighthouse Keeper Program

Sunday July 16 thru Tuesday July 18


Could there be a neater place to shoot pictures than from atop a lighthouse to hone your photography skills?

Learn how to capture great images and improve you techniques to make your memories come to life.

Julie Covert will be the instructor for this workshop. She is an award winning and published photographer who lives on Drummond Island, MI. Her award winning photography coffee table book “Art of Winter” has received rave reviews.

The workshop is designed for beginning to intermediate photographers and will give you a better understanding of your camera and how to take great photos that are really meaningful.

With over seven hours of instruction, topics covered will include:

  • It does SO much – review your camera’s general functions
  • Blurry photos? – learn different ways to focus your camera to get sharp images
  • How make a photo more interesting and how to get the photo your eye sees
  • Too bright? Too dark? Find the right light and color balance
  • Julie’s “Top Ten Suggestions” for great photographs
  • Photo review session – bring 10 images (good and yucky) and we’ll discuss why an image works (or not) and how to make it more interesting and worthy of framing.

During this workshop the learning doesn’t stop at the end of the lecture. Lots of time will be available for you to practice the discussed topics during your visit. Julie will also be available during your entire stay to answer your questions.


Before June 1, the cost for the workshop is $300 for DRLPS members and $320 for non-members. After that date the cost for the workshop will be $340 for DRLPS members and $360 for non-members. (Family memberships are available starting at $30.)

The cost includes transportation to and from the light, instructor fees and Keeper expenses. The number of applicants will be limited to 5 with a minimum of 3 participants. Upon sign up, further information will be sent via e-mail containing information as what to bring.

Come and join us for a great Lighthouse experience.


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Photography Workshop Application 2017
DeTour Reef Light Brochure 2017