DRLPS Team Leaders

Team Leaders of the DeTour Reef Light Preservation Society may be contacted at .

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Joe Henne: President
David J. Bardsley: Treasurer
Hallie Wilson: Secretary
Ann Method Green: Michigan Lighthouse Alliance Representative
Terry Breiler
Mike Horton
Russell Norris
Brian Nettleton
John Orr

Emeriti and Honorary Directors

Jeri Baron Feltner: Founding Director, Emerita, Chair Sponsor A Step
Clifton E. Haley: Director, Emeritus
James S. Woodward: Honorary Director

Other Key Personnel

Paula P. Bardsley: Membership Chair, Data Base Administration
Jeri Baron Feltner: Sponsor-A-Step Chair
Ivan “Meade” Gable: Charter Boat Captain
Dawn Gibbons: Contractor/Accountant, Resident Agent
Clifton E. Haley: Legal Matters
Darlene Skinner: Chair, Evening Under the Stars
David Bardsley and Mike Horton: Co-chairs, Keeper Program
Joan Meyer: Newsletter Editor
Matt Sawyer: Webmaster
Ann Method Green: Web Maintenance and Development
Ann Method Green: Chair, Tour Program
Russell Norris: Youth program
Brian Nettleton: Preservation and Maintenance
Hallie Wilson: Special Projects
Joe Henne: Public Relations