Donate to  the DRLPS – Help Continue the Work of Restoring and Preserving the DeTour Reef Light

The work of restoring and preserving the DeTour Reef Light happens because of  donations from the public.  Many of the restoration, continuing preservation, and maintenance projects at the Light are made possible by federal and state grants with the DRLPS providing matching funds.  The DRLPS is an all volunteer organization and every dollar that is donated goes directly into a project for the DeTour Reef Light.

The DRLPS has worked with the Michigan State Historic Office (SHPO)  to repair the 1931 copper roof on the Light, a $90,000 project.  The Michigan Lighthouse Alliance Program (MLAP), Save our Lights license plate program, committed $30,000 to this project and the DeTour Reef Light was responsible for raising the remaining $60,000. Other projects completed with support of SHPO are the second deck crane and the fog horn.

All the work of preservation, restoration, and maintenance has been accomplished through the generous donations of our supporters.  If you believe, as we do, that the DeTour Reef Light is an historic treasure and a  monument to Michigan’s maritime history, join with us to help continue this worthwhile effort.

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