Initial Restoration

During the initial restoration, the exterior and interior of the DeTour Reef Light were restored to near original condition as built in 1931.

On September 15, 2004, the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) lead Brian Conway and Bryan Lijewski carried out a final inspection of the work done on the restoration of the DeTour Reef Light through the Clean Michigan Initiative Waterfront Redevelopment Grant for Michigan Lighthouses.

This inspection verified that the work conducted at the DeTour Reef Light was consistent with the approved plans and specifications and that the Project Scope had been completed.

Also present at this inspection were representatives from Michigan Department of Transportation, National Park Service (representing Department of Interior), Drummond Island Township Board of Supervisors and DeTour Reef Light Preservation Society.

Clean Michigan Initiative/DeTour Reef Light Restoration – Final Report 2004 by Dr. Charles Feltner

DeTour Reef Light Drawings Inventory 2000 by Dr. Charles Feltner